• The Seasoned Vegetarian - Simon Rimmer

The Seasoned Vegetarian - Simon Rimmer

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2009

Although best known for his TV work, Simon started his career running an award-winning vegetarian restaurant in Manchester and his book is full of exciting recipes for non-meat eaters.   These are handily broken down into more interesting categories than usual, under heading such as 'Small platefuls', 'Spicy platefuls' and 'Add ons'.

Recipes are globally inspired, but also influenced by dishes in his restaurant.   The result is a collection which is unpretentious and surprising in its simplicity, with some veggie classics given a new twist.  Accompanying each recipe is an anecdote from Simon, which adds a charming personal touch.

Some dishes to get the tastebuds going include Asparagus spears with pecorino shortbread, Flatbread with pea paté, Potato pancakes with spiced beetroot and a heavenly Pear and almond tart with chocolate sauce.
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