• The Sexy Vegan Cookbook

The Sexy Vegan Cookbook

Brian L. Patton
Paperback.  Near new condition.  2012

After graduating from college, Brian Patton was back to living at his parents' home in Pennsylvania, a public relations graduate with an expensive education but no job. He watched a cooking show and thought, I can do that, enjoying the simplicity of a recipe that sounded and looked delicious but was so easy he didn't have to write it down to make it himself. After moving to Los Angeles, he discovered he loved cooking, and found a cooking job where he learned the ins and outs of a professional kitchen. This led to the position of executive chef for Veggin' Out, a vegan home delivery service, and he experimented with veganism. He discovered he lost weight and felt great, with more energy and vitality, and he's been a vegan ever since. But, he's still the "regular dude" who wants to eat sandwiches, sliders, onion rings, pizza, and drink beer and cocktails while he watches the game.

He became The Sexy Vegan by posting a video cooking demonstration on YouTube. He posted another, and another, and discovered that many people wanted what he wanted in a cooking demo: easy, failure-proof recipes that they'd cook again and again for food that satisfied in flavor and quantity. This new cookbook covers the basics of cooking, from slicing vegetables to finding the right type of tofu to recreating favorites without meat or dairy. With more than 100 recipes, Brian covers everything from cocktails (according to the Sexy Vegan, the most important meal of the day) to amazing breakfast sandwiches to desserts such as Sailor Peanut Rum Ice Cream. There are appetizers and nachos, pizza and "tuna-like" sandwiches as well as plenty of salads, pasta, and main dish choices. 

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