• The Sugar Hit! - Sarah Coates

The Sugar Hit! - Sarah Coates

Hardback.  Near new condition.    2015

The Sugar Hit! is all about kick-ass, totally delicious and sometimes unexpected treats. These are the perks, the pick-me-ups, the cherries on top of your day.   Approach baking with unabashed joy, and totally undisguised greed.   Of course balance is important, but there has to be something on the other end of the scale.   Why not make it a Like a Fat Kid Loves Milkshake, or a Salted Caramel Chocolate Crackle, or even a Filthy Cheat's Jam Donut?

The Sugar Hit! cookbook offers something sweet for every occasion in life.   From first thing in the morning, whether you're nursing a hangover, a broken heart or just having a long Sunday brunch, you will find solace in Sweet Potato Waffles or an epic Cinnamon Roll Cake, right through to feasting of the midnight variety (satisfy your cravings with Nutella Ice-cream in Brioche or a Giant Pancake Stack.

This book explains simple techniques, talks about exciting flavours and educates readers on how to achieve maximum results for minimum effort.   Throughout the book Hot Tips will be featured, offering shortcuts, kitchen hacks and ideas for variations on recipes.  The Sugar Hit! is all about how to take your baking to the next level using big flavours, simple tricks and tips and a healthy dose of confidence and attitude!
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