• The Wholefood Pantry - Amber Rose

The Wholefood Pantry - Amber Rose

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2016

Rid your cupboards of readymade, processed 'staples' and change the way you cook with this essential collection of healthy recipes for stocks, sauces, spice mixes, butters, oils, ferments, cultures, chutneys and more.

* Create your own kefir, kimchi and pickles.
* Discover how to make nut milks, creams and cheeses.
* Customise your favourite dishes with a wealth of spice mixes, marinades, dressings and dips.
* Indulge in sumptuous fruit butters and seasonal bakes.
* Enjoy raw chocolate, gut-healing marshmallows and tempting syrups and cordials.

Nutritious, delicious and unequivocally joyful, The Wholefood Pantry shows how recipes can be combined to expand your culinary repertoire and make everyday dishes extraordinary.
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