• The Zumbo Files

The Zumbo Files

Adriano Zumbo
Hardback.  Very good condition.  2015

For his third cookbook, top Sydney pastry chef Adriano Zumbo recreates some of the classic desserts we all grew up drooling over.  As well as offering up his favourite recipes for these confections, he applies his Willy Wonka-esque genius to whipping each classic into a completely new and contemporary incarnation that plays on the original recipe.

As always, the colours are bright, the flavours unexpected, and the experience of recreating the fruits of his fertile imagination a complete delight.

Each chapter focuses on a particular type of patisserie and the recipes in that chapter explore and experiment with different tastes, flavours, textures and colours. There are step- by-step instructions for the basic recipe for each patisserie type, then the recipes that follow are dazzling variations on that theme. 
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