• Time to Eat - Gary Rhodes

Time to Eat - Gary Rhodes

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2007

Do you ever find yourself still chopping vegetables when your dinner guests arrive?  Do you sometimes get home hungry for something delicious and home-made but without the time or inclination to slave away at the cooker for an hour?  Do you occasionally want to spend some time lovingly preparing and cooking something spectacular at the weekend?

"Time to Eat" is full of delicious, simple food arranged into chapters according to the time it takes to cook the dishes, from ten minutes to two hours, so you can choose the right recipe for the time you have.  The recipes in "Time to Eat" follow "Keeping it Simple" in their ease and simplicity but are all devised to suit our time-poor lifestyles.

With clear instructions, easy to source ingredients and Gary's inimitable take on taste and flavours, "Time to Eat" will become the only cookbook to make time for.

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