• Tuscany - Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi

Tuscany - Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi

Hardback. Very good condition.    2017

At the heart of every Tuscan there is a pride for their region and an incredible sense of responsibility and love for their surroundings.  From the minute they look out of their windows in the morning to the last nightcap at the bar, Tuscans, like most Italians, are immersed in food. 

In Tuscany, Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi take readers on a culinary journey through a Tuscan day.  The pace of both life and cooking in Tuscany is slow and calm.  Breakfasts are considered, lunch often eaten at home with family, and weekend dinners a feast. 

Set against a backdrop of undulating hills, Tuscany takes you on a culinary journey across this diverse landscape, exploring the traditions and cooking techniques that make this food so extraordinary.

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