• Twisted: The Cookbook

Twisted: The Cookbook

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2016

With over 1 billion video views and counting, the smash-hit online food channel Twisted has rescued countless viewers from the dreaded mealtime apocalypse.  Now you too can step into the light. 

The book features a collection of Twisted's most foodgasmic, mind-bending and downright hilarious creations, as well as some never before seen, grade-A bangers.  Whether it's game day with your pals, a night in with a special someone, an epic party or a sluggish Saturday morning, these 30 tried-and-tested recipes have got you covered.  Whatever you decide to cook-whether it's the Fajita Cake, Camembert Hedgehog Bread, Breakfast Nachos, Pizza Donuts or Snickers Salami-this is food porn at its most gratuitous. 
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