• Ultimate Beginners Guide to Vegan Diet

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Vegan Diet

Simone Jacobs
Paperback.  Near new condition.  2017

This book takes you on a spectacular journey with food and vegetables, specifically. If you do not already have a love affair with your friendly veggies, it is about time that you learn how to take advantage of the many benefits it offers.  Veganism is not a fad it is a lifestyle-and you are getting the best guide through the whole journey, with this book.

In this beginner's Vegan guide & cookbook you will learn how to start and transition into a Vegan diet & lifestyle.  It will reveal to you all the basics of vegan eating and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.  This book will also tackle some of the myths that prevent most from ever giving it a shot as well as everything you need to safely get started.  You will also get a 14-day vegan getting started action plan included as well as 30 fresh, fast & healthy recipes, so you can get started right away!  136 pages.
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