• Wine Lovers Kitchen - Fiona Beckett

Wine Lovers Kitchen - Fiona Beckett

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2017

Fiona Beckett presents over 70 recipes for cooking with wine – the magic ingredient.  Throughout this amazingly informative book, food writer Fiona Beckett expands on the idea that cooking with wine is an easy way to make meals special.

Chapters include Soups, Salads & Appetizers, Pasta and Grains, Fish & Seafood, Meat and Chicken, Vegetable Dishes and Pulses/Legumes.

The book rounds off with delightful Sweet Things & Baking, then concludes with Sauces, Butters & Relishes.  Each dish includes a recommended wine match to ensure every meal will be a perfect marriage of food and wine.
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