• The Food Truck Cookbook - Michael Van de Elzen

The Food Truck Cookbook - Michael Van de Elzen

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2012

This book brings together recipes from Series One and Two and more!   The absolutely fantastic recipes cover all the meals-on-the-run that New Zealanders love, from burgers and pies, to chicken pieces and pizza.  The difference is that Michael’s recipes transform these meals from being tasty but unhealthy, fat-laden convenience foods that we feel guilty about to super-tasty, health-giving meals that we do not need to feel guilty about. 

This is fast food that you can make at home at less cost and with no health worries. Packaged up with eye-popping photography, lots of hints and tips and a breezy style, the book is a delightful kitchen companion, just like the TV show and Michael!
  • $10.00