• Velochef:  Food for Training and Competiton

Velochef: Food for Training and Competiton

Henrik Orre
Hardback.  Near new condition.  2016

The perfect book for cyclists everywhere, Velochef is a beautiful package of nourishing, delicious recipes for those who love to get out on the open road and cycle - from the man who cooks for professional cyclists around the world.

Velochef is a recipe book developed with cyclists in mind by Henrik Orre, chef for the Norwegian National Roadcycling Team and Team Sky Procycling.

The book includes 80 recipes through 200 pages that are ideal fuel for before the race, recovering after, and even during your adventure.  Velochef is the culmination of several years cooking for the world's best cyclists and is filled with tried-and-tested food optimal for performance and recovery. 
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