• A Year with James Wong - Grow your own drugs

A Year with James Wong - Grow your own drugs

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2010

More than 100 remedies (as opposed to recipes though 'Paraquay Holly and Chilli Truffles' sound good to us!).

James Wong is back, putting his ethnobotanical expertise to use once again, with over 100 new, natural, cheap and easy remedies, showing you and those around you how to have a fantastically healthy year.

Whether you're fed up with your hormones, worried about your baby's nappy rash, your partner is prone to a sore-throat, or leg-waxing is proving just too expensive to maintain, Grow Your Own Drugs: A Year With James Wong offers over 100 great new remedies to soothe all manner of common conditions and beauty problems - whenever they might flare up.

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