• Beer Snacks - Oscar Smith

Beer Snacks - Oscar Smith

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2019

This illustrated cookbook is a celebration of the very best accompaniments to the very best beverage. 

Beer is enjoyed the world over, and wherever beer is imbibed, there's usually some kind of deliciously salty snack to go with it.  From the smaller snack fare like moreish Malaysian ikan bilis and Japanese otsumami to more substantial drinking food like spicy buffalo wings and currywurst, Beer Snacks brings you the world's best of what to eat, while you drink.

More recipes in Beer Snacks include: Edamame (Japan), Boiled peanuts (USA), Chicharron (Mexico), Pimientos de Padron (Spain), Pickled onions (UK), Biltong (South Africa), Jalapeno poppers (USA), Masala peanuts (India), Salted egg French Fries (Thailand), Oysters Kilpatrick (Ireland), Buffalo wings (USA), Pretzels and beer cheese (Germany), Tsukune (Japan), Adobo Chicken Wings (The Phillippines) and Poutine (Canada).
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