• Bread - Kathryn Hawkins

Bread - Kathryn Hawkins

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2010

Nothing celebrates the comfort of home more than the smell of baking bread. And with Bread, you can enjoy all the pleasures of making this dietary staple.  Novices, never fear!  A thorough Introduction explains the basic steps and variety of ingredients, followed by Bread-Machine Basics, Handy Hints, and Troubleshooting.

What follows are more than 90 recipes for loaves, cakes, tea breads, and homey favorites, including:

- Olive and pesto sourdough loaf
- Boston-style brown bread
- Smoky potato and corn bread
- Almond Danish pastries
- Chocolate truffle cake
- French toast

A section on Accompaniments provides further inspiration to help you round out your meal.
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