• China Towns - Jean-Francois Mallet

China Towns - Jean-Francois Mallet

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2015  (front cover has some fading)

In Western countries, the Chinese food eaten in restaurants is often a far cry from the dishes prepared and served by the Chinese themselves.  This is because the Asian communities that have settled in so-called ` China Towns' around the world, in cities such as New York, San Francisco, London and Paris, have mastered the art of adapting their cuisine to suit local tastes. 

Added to which, this cuisine is often influenced by other Asian dishes, so much so that food served in one city' s China Town may be heavily influenced by Vietnamese dishes whereas in another it may more closely resemble Thai cuisine.

In this visually stunning cookbook, author Jean-Francois Mallet, a trained chef and photographer, goes behind the scenes in Chinese communities around the world in order to understand how and why the food changes so much depending on location. As well as intimate portraits of these fascinating communities, this stunning book contains, 100 delicious recipes capturing the essence of China Towns from across the world and their various geographical influences.
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