• Ching's Fast Food - Ching-He Huang

Ching's Fast Food - Ching-He Huang

Hardback.  Very good condition.   2011

With her trademark passion, TV star chef Ching-He Huang brings a new and exciting dimension to Chinese cooking.  Confidently fusing Chinese and Western cultures in over 100 quick and easy dishes bursting with flavour, Ching's fresh and healthy take on the Chinese takeaway, without compromising on taste, has revolutionised Chinese cuisine.

Ching's love and appreciation of Chinese cooking has already seen her previous cookbooks, Chinese Food Made Easy and Ching's Chinese Food in Minutes, reach bestseller status and her BBC TV series receive rave reviews.

Now paying homage to the authentic Chinese takeout with her third cookbook, Ching's Chinese Takeaway, Ching makes Chinese food refreshingly accessible and deftly removes the stigma attached to the humble takeaway.
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