• Coming Home - Cathy Armstrong

Coming Home - Cathy Armstrong

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2012

In Coming Home, Cathy Armstrong shares her favorite recipes from a lifetime of cherished moments, alongside homespun craft projects and cherished memories.  Cathy's food philosophy is simple: to cook well, you need a generous heart.  In Coming Home she pays tribute to the people that have inspired and shaped this belief.  Her much-loved nana, whose kitchen all too often resembled a wonderfully messy jam factory; & the unsung heroes of the neighborhood garden fete with their limitless donations of sponge cakes and knitted babies' bonnets; and her parents, who taught her that honest, heartfelt cooking is the key to a truly memorable meal.

Along the way, Cathy shares more than 80 recipes, from comforting breakfasts such as crumpets with orange blossom honey and lavender whipped butter, to special-occasion dishes such as baked lamb saddle with feta, beetroot, and mint salad, and gravlax on zucchini pancakes.

There are also handmade accessories to delight and inspire, including patchwork potholders, adorable egg cosies, and a stylish shopping bag.  This warm-hearted, whimsical book celebrates the comfort to be found in coming home and the food that makes us glad to be there.

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