• Cooking with Beer - Mark Dredge

Cooking with Beer - Mark Dredge

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2016

Over 65 delicious recipes using beer as a key ingredient.

A beer with your food is a great thing.  But what about beer in your food?  It's an even better thing!  The next step for any beer lover is to try using beer as an ingredient, and that's where Cooking with Beer comes in.  Self-confessed beer geek Mark Dredge has combined two of his passions - great brews and delicious food - to come up with over 65 awesome recipes using beer as a key component.

Every occasion is covered, from lazy hangover brunches featuring a beer-cured bacon sandwich and Hefeweizen French toast to tasty main meals like Triple Pulled Pork and desserts including a must-try Carrot Cake made with a Double IPA.  If you really want to go to town, the Ultimate section has meal ideas where every element involves beer in some way - beer pizza anyone?  And of course there is a selection of beer snacks that you can enjoy with a well-earned pint in your hand.

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