• One Dish: Two Ways - Jane Kennedy

One Dish: Two Ways - Jane Kennedy

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2014  

The perfect collection of recipes that can be served simply for kids, then jazzed up for the adults with just a few additional ingredients - the first cookbook guaranteed to please the whole family.

Feeding a family.  Every night.  Is hard.   Jane Kennedy knows because she cooks for seven people, seven days a week.

It's not the cooking that's hard, it's thinking of a new dinner ideas EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.   Grownups are easy.  They love spices and chilli and garlic and onions and herbs and zest and can dress up a boring piece of chicken, fish or steak in a flash.

Kids…well.  Most kids don't like spices and chilli and herbs and zest. Green bits.  Orange bits.  And especially not hot bits.

So Jane set herself a challenge to find a way to keep everyone happy.  A way that wouldn't involve her having to eat ‘plain' food just to keep the kids happy and didn't require the kids to miraculously start loving spicy food.  A way where one base meal could be jazzed up, or down, to suit all taste buds.  One dish; two ways.
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