• Taste of a Traveller - Brett McGregor

Taste of a Traveller - Brett McGregor

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2011

First MasterChef NZ Brett McGregor's many years of travel have inspired the way he cooks.  Like many New Zealanders, he's travelled widely and has picked up lots of great recipes along the way. 

This collection draws from the diverse tastes and experiences he's gathered while travelling.  He loves to re-create those moments at home through cooking and evoke the sensations and memories of his travels.  This book re-creates some of the stand out dishes from Brett's favourite countries.

There's also a great section on Kiwi cooking which includes old favourites like roasts.  This book is a treasure trove of wonderful, simple and delicious recipes that you can make every day.  The photographs are vibrant and colourful and evocative of the countries Brett's travelled to. Including some recipes from other MasterChef finalists, and Brett's Mum's winning scone recipe Taste of a Traveller is an excellent addition to any kitchen.
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