• Cristina's of Sun Valley - Cristina Ceccatelli Cook (Signed by author)

Cristina's of Sun Valley - Cristina Ceccatelli Cook (Signed by author)

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2007  (Signed by author dated 2015)

Nestled in a charming European-style bistro, on a small street in the world-famous ski resort of Sun Valley, Cristina's Restaurant has been serving up seasonal and delicious fare for over eleven years.  Cristina and her staff have been cooking and baking for customers that include locals, celebrities, politicians, CEOs and cosmopolitan travelers.  She draws upon her memories and experiences of growing up in rural Tuscany, where her family recipes have been passed down from one generation to the next.

Now enthusiastic customers will finally be able to prepare more than 75 favorites such as Hungarian Mushroom Soup, San Francisco Airport Salad, and Artichokes with Tomato & Shallot Topping, or enjoy Bread & Tomatoes, Limoncello, and Bacelli & Pecorino-dishes rich in tradition and fresh in their approach.

"Cristina brings her sense of classic Italian cooking and sophistication to bear on all that she touches, and her superb restaurant is a rare treat in these mountains." -Jann Wenner, Editor and Publisher, Rolling Stone Magazine.

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