• Cuisine du Temps - Jacques Reymond

Cuisine du Temps - Jacques Reymond

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2016

Cuisine du Temps features the award-winning recipes of master chef Jacques Reymond.  Based on his heritage and embracing the tastes of Asia, Jacques Reymond's philosophy is to take the freshest, simplest ingredients and focus on bringing out their best. His innovative and modern approach to cooking continues to win accolades for him and his restaurant.

With a collection of favorites such as Steamed Rock Lobster dumpling and Calves' Liver Foie Gras style, to the inspirational Lamb Cutlet Farcie with Silverbeet and Tamarind and Ginger Dressing, a selection of amazing desserts including Jasmine Tea Brulee with Lychee, and a glossary of cooking techniques, Cuisine du Temps will inspire and excite everyone from the humble weekend cook to food connoisseurs and chefs.  Cuisine du Temps is a cookbook classic.

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