• Cupcakes for Every Occasion - Denise Gere

Cupcakes for Every Occasion - Denise Gere

Hardback.   Near new condition.   2014

Baking cupcakes is both a pleasurable and rewarding experience, not just for the home cook but also for the family and friends who gather to enjoy the fruits of the labour.  So quick and delicious, they can be made when friends drop in or just on a whim on a lazy afternoon.

From the simple beauty of a plain cupcake with plain white icing and a glace cherry, to a beautifully decorated little cake with dark chocolate ganache and butter icing flowers, they're a way for the inventive cook to show off his or her talents and imagination.

To many people, a batch of cupcakes is a blank canvas on which to paint and decorate, to show their true artistic talents - to others they remain simply a fast to make and cook and delicious cake.

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