• Dr Libby's Real Food Kitchen (Hardback) - Dr Libby Weaver

Dr Libby's Real Food Kitchen (Hardback) - Dr Libby Weaver

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2013

Following on from the phenomenal success of the Real Food Chef, the second cookbook in this series takes family favourites and applies the Real Food Chef principles to ensure maximum nutrient density of every meal and every mouthful. With 90 recipes covering breakfast, drinks, lunch, dinner, snacks, dressing and desserts, the Real Food Kitchen will inspire you to take better care of yourself with the delicious and nutritious recipes featured. 

This way of eating has a wide reaching effect for it is not just about the outstanding nourishment that comes from each recipe, it is also about what we have left out - refined and artificial ingredients that have the potential to take away from your health such as refined sugar, white flour and preservatives. 

This book provides you with amazing recipes that serve your health and happiness, and brings it all to life in an easy to use, quick to prepare, and delicious tasting recipe system.  Continue your journey to outstanding health, energy, and vitality by embracing the Real Food Kitchen way of eating, and witness the transformation as your body, mind and soul responds to true nourishment.
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