• Dr Libby's The Calorie Fallacy:  Stop Dieting Start Nourishing

Dr Libby's The Calorie Fallacy: Stop Dieting Start Nourishing

Paperback.    Very good condition.    2014.    

Dr Libby's The Calorie Fallacy is a ground-breaking book that challenges the very core of weight loss convention and dogma.  It will turn everything you thought you knew about calories and diets on its head...How many of us have been told that if we burn more calories than we eat, weight loss will be inevitable? How many of us have discovered that this century old philosophy does not seem to apply to our body no matter how hard we work, in this modern world?  In a world obsessed with calorie counting, we find ourselves instead watching the waistlines of the Western world continually increasing.  What if the foundation nutritional philosophy that the calorie equation is the sole determinant of weight loss is completely outdated and in many cases wrong?

Through sharing her own personal story and the journey that set her on to uncover and explore the biochemistry of sustainable weight loss, Dr Libby shares countless case studies of clients she has worked with over the past 16 years, along with her two decades of scientific research into the principles of body fat loss.

So for all of you who have been making an enormous effort and commitment to weight loss with little or no sustainable outcomes, and for those who simply want to understand how to live happier, healthier lives, allowing your body to efficiently use body fat as a fuel, Dr Libby will arm you with the wisdom to stop dieting and depriving yourself and start thriving.  Stop dieting and start nourishing yourself and watch the transformation occur.
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