• Easy Simple & Delicous - Sonia Cabano

Easy Simple & Delicous - Sonia Cabano

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2010

Most people think healthy eating entails boredom and deprivation.  Sonia Cabano begs to differ!  According to her, besides providing energy, food should taste good, and every mealtime should be a celebration.  Sonia loves to cook but realises that cooking is a chore for most people.

Easy, Simple and Delicious is largely inspired by the countless requests she has received from people begging for fast, easy and healthy recipes.  While her emphasis is on fast and fresh, Sonia recognises that food made with care sustains more than the body, it nourishes the soul.  This book contains a variety of recipes, some requiring a little more time than others, but all easy, simple and delicious!

With stunning full-colour photographs, the book is divided into four chapters: ‘Fresh’ urges us to detox and recharge; ‘Fast’ offers quick and easy gourmet meals; ‘Lazy’ invites us to wind down and celebrate; and in ‘Staples’ we learn to stock up the larder.

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