• Eat the Week - Anna Barnett

Eat the Week - Anna Barnett

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2015

It's Tuesday, you're feeling lazy and you're craving flavour.  It's Thursday, the weekend is in sight and it's time to share a feast with friends.  It's Saturday, you're ready to splash the cash and go big.  Eat the Week is stylish, practical and personal. Anna Barnett has devised creative recipes inspired by our different moods as we navigate the week.

There's everything from weekend brunches and comforting dishes packed full of carbs to nutritious salads and zesty Asian noodles for when you want something lighter, plus cheats, insider tricks and imaginative ways with leftovers.  On Mondays it's all about simple dishes, healthy-eating resolutions, minimum fuss and robust flavours; on Saturdays, when you have more time to shop and cook, things get a bit more extravagant. 

Taking you from Monday through to Sunday, breakfast through to dessert, Eat the Week will take the hassle out of food shopping and meal planning and put the fun back into your week.

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