• Eat Yourself Young - Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

Eat Yourself Young - Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2011

Eat Yourself Young is a practical guide to help you look, feel and live younger.  On the Eat Yourself Young programme, you'll quickly lose weight and feel lighter, more energetic and less stressed.  Your skin will improve, you'll sleep better.  But most importantly, you'll start to look and feel younger - it's a real high when you suddenly realise it's not your age that's making you feel old, it's your food.

The book kicks off with an exploration of the five most ageing body processes - you can't avoid them, but Elizabeth shows you how to minimize their impact using good food choices.  Next, she outlines the five food types that are most ageing, and then the five superfood age-busters that research shows have a 'youthing' effect.

The programme itself starts with a deep-cleansing detox to refuel the body; followed by Elizabeth's Youthing Eating Plan, with over 60 delicious, healthy recipes, plus strategies and tips to help you sustain progress.  Two weeks into the Eat Yourself Young programme, you'll notice that you feel better; within a month you'll be full of energy; within three months you'll look five years younger - and within a year, well, that's up to you.  
This programme will not only change your body. It will change your outlook and your life. Welcome to a younger you.
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