• Everyday Family Meal Makeovers - The Australian Women's Weekly

Everyday Family Meal Makeovers - The Australian Women's Weekly

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2018

Ever had trouble finding something for dinner that the whole family will eat without hassle? Food that's filling and healthy, but still comforting and delicious?  The struggle is real, but with Everyday Family Meals, you'll never have to worry again.  The Weekly has given the family classics a modern makeover.

All-time family favourites tend to age badly, being a little light on veg and heavy on the cream, but here they have been given new life, so that they are perfect for the modern family.  Covering pasta dishes, bakes, one-pot meals, salads and stir-fries, there is nothing here that won't satisfy, from a hearty pot pie to a summery grain-rich salad, so that you and your family can enjoy every meal together around the kitchen table.  There is something here for every family member to love.

There are meals that are crowd pleasers in any family - shepherd’s pie, fried rice, tacos, ‘spag bol’.  We have taken these family favourites and given them a modern twist, making them healthier, quicker, using ingredients that have become more accessible in our daily lives, to bring new flavours to the classics.  These are dinners for the modern family, food that won’t stretch the budget, but is delicious in its own right.

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