• Family Food & Weekend Feasts - Janelle Bloom

Family Food & Weekend Feasts - Janelle Bloom

Paperback.   Very good condition.    2010

This cookbook has it all - quick, delicious meals you can whip up in minutes and lovely, leisurely recipes for those days when you have time to slow down and enjoy yourself in the kitchen.   But whether it's a weeknight dinner or a sumptuous Sunday evening spread, Janelle Bloom's food is always a treat.

In this book, the popular TV cook presents her own everyday favourites (such as sticky chicken wings, spiced beef tacos and strawberry and cream tart), as well as fabulous special occasion dishes (such as slow-cooked curry-crusted lamb, stroganoff pie, roasted plums with ricotta fritters, and profiteroles with tiramisu ice-cream and hot fudge sauce). Janelle also serves up easy-to-follow menu plans for brunch, barbecues and picnics, cosy nights in with friends, afternoon tea with the girls, and an unforgettable Christmas dinner.   And, as always, she dishes up plenty of handy tips and tricks along the way, to help you get every recipe just right, every time.

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