• Feed the family for $15 or less - Sophie Gray

Feed the family for $15 or less - Sophie Gray

Paperback.  Near new condition.  2012

Wonderful recipes for meals that are delicious and cheap to make, from destitute gourmet Sophie Gray.  Seasonal vegetables, inexpensive staples and a small amount of good-quality lean protein, teamed with a delicious seasoning - these are the keys to culinary economy for busy cooks.

From the author of the very successful 100+ tasty $10 meals comes a new essential cookbook full of simple, cheap and scrumptious recipes for every household.  We all need recipes for affordable meals we can manage to make on a week night, that the household will love and that use ingredients we already have.  So the recipes in this book are useful not only for families, but for flatters, students and retirees too.  Maintaining the destitute gourmet principle that stylish food shouldn't have to cost a fortune, Sophie Gray presents more than 100 fashionable recipes that each cost less than $15 to make.

The recipes are not only cheap and tasty they're pretty healthy too, using the dg principles of shopping smart, eating healthily and in season, and making a little of something luxurious go a long way, from oven bakes, slow cookers and curries to pasta, stir fries and pizza.

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