• French - Damien Pignolet

French - Damien Pignolet

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2005

Damien Pignolet has made his name with immaculately prepared and simply presented food inspired by French classical and provincial cooking.   Keen to pass on his knowledge of the techniques and methods he has honed over the years, he has devoted himself to writing this comprehensive collection of timeless French recipes specifically adapted for Australian ingredients and tastes.

Here are essential recipes for everything from basic brown stock and foolproof mayonnaise to rustic country terrines and hearty braises, not to mention an extensive journey into the magic of the French pastry kitchen.   While staying true to the French tradition, Damien takes prides in making sure his recipes are suited to home cooking in a domestic kitchen.   His clear, unfussy instructions and friendly advice will give you the confidence to expand your culinary repertoire. 

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