• Friday Treats - Bronwyn Bijl & Fiona Marris

Friday Treats - Bronwyn Bijl & Fiona Marris

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2014

Friday Treats is a fundraising recipe book for the Music Centre of Christchurch, arising from Bronwyn and Fiona's decades of combined culinary experience.  The book features recipes from the popular treats provided for audience members at the Music Centre of Christchurch concerts each Friday.

In their spare time Bronwyn and Fiona have been sharing their love of cooking and the arts in so many ways, including hosting fundraising Garden Shows and High Teas to rival The Ritz.  They also appeared on New Zealand Masterchef in 2014.  We think you'll love the recipes, and photography - all of which have been favorites for so many occasions, and are designed in a way that are approachable for every household cook and baker.

Bronwyn and Fiona are passionate about creating music opportunities for people of all ages be it learning, performing, or simply listening.  That coupled with their flair for cooking has motivated them to support the Music Centre for the past four years every Friday

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