• Garlic: The Mighty Bulb - Natasha Edwards

Garlic: The Mighty Bulb - Natasha Edwards

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2012

The magic of garlic, for cooking and healing, has been known since the dawn of civilisation.  Garlic: The Mighty Bulb is a comprehensive guide to using garlic at home, not just a staple when cooking but in a variety of ways.

There's advice on growing your own (the best varieties for health) and how to cultivate and store the plant to maintain its healing properties.  Author Natasha Edwards also demonstrates how to dry and plait garlic into traditional grappes, how to make up decongestants and boost the immune system.

Plus a collection of 50 simple and varied recipes, from classic dishes such as aioli and chicken with 40 cloves of garlic to salad dressings and immune boosting winter soups.

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