• Good Food Made Simple - Allyson Gofton

Good Food Made Simple - Allyson Gofton

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2013

Good Food Made Simple is all about cooking food that brings warmth to a kitchen, laughter and pleasure to a home.  It's about new twists on old standbys and delicious meals made easy for the everyday cook.

The clever ideas in this book will have your family crying out for seconds in no time, with more than 150 recipes in the following chapters: *Rice, pasta and noodles *Grills and stir-fries *Bowl food *Salads *Pies, tarts and pizzas *Roasts and bakes *Sweet tooth.

Whether it's being enjoyed just by the family or in a wider circle, good food is pure pleasure - and Good Food Made Simple promises just that.

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