• Grace & Flavour - Barbara Keen

Grace & Flavour - Barbara Keen

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2012

Grace & Flavour is a collection of 90 classic recipes from an assortment of New Zealand cookbooks published between 1883 and 1940. Each recipe is presented in its original form, followed by a modern version which is easily accessible to today's cooks. Weights and measures are converted to metric, and instructions, which are often sketchy in old cookbooks, have been expanded and clarified. But the spirit and style of the original dish is always kept intact - no sundried tomatoes or lemongrass here!

For some, these long forgotten recipes will bring back fond memories of years past. For others, it will be a unique insight into the dishes their parents and grandparents enjoyed. The recipes are complemented with images of the dishes and styled with nostalgic table and kitchenware.
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