• Gran's Family Table - Natalie Oldfield

Gran's Family Table - Natalie Oldfield

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2011

Food, family and love are the very essence of who Natalie Oldfield is and where she comes from. Inspired by her grandmother, Natalie opened Dulcie May Kitchen to coincide with the release of her first self-published book Gran’s Kitchen.   Although Dulcie died in 2009, Natalie and her family will always admire the way she lived her life. So it is with Dulcie in mind that Natalie has written Gran’s Family Table.

One of the many things Natalie admired about her Gran was her ability to be adventurous with food.  She never lost this vibrancy of spirit, and, even at the age of 96, she maintained an interest in trying new things.

Most of the recipes you’ll find in this book are Dulcie’s tried-and-true personal versions of much-loved New Zealand classics.  Others are more modern, as Dulcie could certainly move with the times.   Natalie and her sister Michelle have also included their own family favourites — some with their own personal touches and variations as well as additional recipes from their mother Heather.
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