• Green & Black's Chocolate Recipes

Green & Black's Chocolate Recipes

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2003

Chocolate is full of texture and taste and it can be turned into sweet and savoury, simple and sophisticated recipes.   Above all, chocolate inspires many moods and so the chapters are divided into Magic (glamorous recipes for dinner parties), Abracadabra (quick and easy recipes), Light and Airy (light puddings and mousses that melt on your tongue), Licking the Bowl (for children and birthdays) and Wicked (those irresistible concoctions).

As well as the more traditional ideas for cakes, puddings and biscuits, there are also more surprising recipes for soups (chocolate soup), chillis and meat (chicken mole, Italian sweet salami).   Woven into the book are stories about the history and myths of chocolate and its cultivation and production, as well as tips for handling and cooking techniques

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