• Guilt-Free Snacks - Luke Hines

Guilt-Free Snacks - Luke Hines

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2021

Looking to up your healthy snack game?  Look no further!  Snacks are where many of us fall down when it comes to healthy eating.  We are often too busy, too tired or just too plain uninspired to have an array of healthy options at the ready.  Luke Hines comes to the rescue with Guilt-free Snacks, a delicious collection of 60 sweet and savoury snacks and simple ideas for eating well.

Luke covers the whys and hows of healthy snacking, including handy time and money-saving ideas.  All recipes are gluten- and refined-sugar-free, and many are also keto and vegan.  Featuring simple smoothies and shakes; nutrient-dense bliss balls; power-packed pre- and post-workout fuel; delicious crackers, dips and crisps; sweet and savoury baked delights; and decadent (yet healthy) sweet treats, Guilt-free Snacks will keep you powering throughout the day.

All of Luke's snacks can be made and stored in advance or whipped up in a flash, making it easier to stick to health goals while still enjoying delicious, nutritious food.

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