• Have you eaten? - Billy Law  (Signed)

Have you eaten? - Billy Law (Signed)

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2012

Food has always played a key role to Malaysian-born Billy as well as in his home country where it's not uncommon to greet each other by asking "Have you eaten yet?" instead of "How are you?".   When Billy migrated to Australia in 1996 he also took his inquisitive palate to a whole new culinary world.   That's when he started cooking not just cuisines from his home soil but also started experimenting with the new flavours of his adopted homeland and the world.   The juxtaposition of two different cultures has allowed Billy to submerge himself in an endless combination of Eastern and Western cuisines.

This cookbook showcases Billy's passion in cooking through his favourite collected recipes from both worlds from traditional Malaysian-Chinese Nyonya recipes such as Chinese roast pork belly to contemporary Western-style dishes such as Braised beef cheeks in Pedro Ximinez. 
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