• Help!  There's a Stove in my Kitchen - Annabel Frere

Help! There's a Stove in my Kitchen - Annabel Frere

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2011

With over 170 recipes, Help! There's a Stove in My Kitchen is primarily a cookbook for students and other young adults who have mostly never had to cook for themselves and who need a few ideas on what to prepare and how to go about it.  The recipes range from basic to impressive, but are all relatively quick and easy to make.

From learning the basics to producing impressive, yet cunningly simple, meals, Help! There's a Stove in My Kitchen gives you an easy way to get started in the kitchen.   In some cases, several options are given for one recipe, such as quiche fillings, to suit different tastes and to expand the budding cook's repertoire.  The book takes into account budget, using mainly low cost items and, where possible, a minimum number of ingredients.   Also included are tips on saving electricity, time and energy around the home.  Scattered throughout the book are the odd tips for fixing culinary mistakes.

Armed with a cup, teaspoon and tablespoon, and a willingness to learn, this fun cookbook is all that is needed to become a whiz in the kitchen.   Contains easy step-by-step recipes covering breakfasts, snacks and starters, salads and vegetables, soups, main courses, desserts, cakes and breads.
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