• Hot nights Cool days - Julie Biuso

Hot nights Cool days - Julie Biuso

Paperback.   Very good condition.   2003

More than anything Hot Nights Cool Days is about the enjoyment of food - casual fare at the water's edge, letting a long lunch roll on until late in the afternoon, experiencing the warm cosiness of dining beside the fire - these kinds of delicious occasions are matched with wonderful food in seven all-encompassing chapters: Beach Days Laidback Lunches and Brunches Indian Summer Stoking the Fires Snuggle-up Suppers Home Comforts Sweetie Pies

But it's not all a hedonistic rush of rich, luscious food. Julie Biuso is well aware of what the food you eat can do to your body, mind and soul.  And so, while endorsing healthy eating, she shows you how to balance the 'good bits' with the treats; in other words, how to have your cake and eat it, too.

Supported by Ian Batchelor's sublime food photography, Hot Nights Cool Days is a combination of superb food and images that will make you want to rush home with a copy under your arm and start replicating the dishes immediately.

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