• Hungry & Frozen - Laura Vincent

Hungry & Frozen - Laura Vincent

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2013

I've been a food blogger since 2007 and I love to create my own recipes.  I named my blog Hungry and Frozen after a quote from a Broadway musical, because cold student flats were constants at the time.  Things have improved significantly since, but the title stuck - and now here I am with my first cookbook.

I love delicious yet relaxed food and I'm all about writing recipes that will make you want to rush into the kitchen and cook something.  Whether you're looking for a brunch idea, a weeknight meal (or a late-night quick-fix), a feast for your friends, a weekend project or something sugary-sweet, I'll have the dish for you. 

From fast to fancy, these are recipes for comfort food at any time of the day or night - because it's always the right time to eat food that makes the world feel like a better place. Laura Vincent.
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