• I Love My Stupid Life - Albert Cho

I Love My Stupid Life - Albert Cho

Hardback.  Near new condition.  2022

Biting, pungent, salty and - yes - sweet, too, this is the true story of Albert Cho's life in food and the paramount place of food in his life.  Writer Albert Cho has lived through a lot already - from the bland suburban Kiwi racism and heady dairy lolly-bag runs of his childhood to sexual abuse; from the lows of disordered eating to the highs of substance addiction; from obscurity to international modelling; from influencer success and controversy to 'C-list celebrity fame'.

In this book, he tells his story and reveals the restorative power of hot soup, family and friends, the invincibility of the truth and the liberation of love.  As a strong believer that food should always be shared, Albert includes recipes - his own, his mum's and his friends' - some of them New Zealand's leading chefs.  Inside you'll find home baking Kiwi treats like melting moments and chocolate cake, traditional Korean classics, easy snacks and other hacks, Albert's favourite restaurant and street food dishes, the meat pie that broke the internet, and more.

Part recipe book, part backstory to the phenomenon of @eatlitfood, part unapologetically sweary guide to eating and drinking and savoir vivre, I Love My Stupid Life is - above all - a powerfully candid and moving memoir from one of the most inimitable, unapologetic voices of our time.
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