• Just add Spice - Lyndey Milan and Ian Hemphill

Just add Spice - Lyndey Milan and Ian Hemphill

Hardback.   Very good condition.   2010

Just Add Spice will show you how to give ordinary dishes a flavour renovation with the simple addition of spice.  Using nothing more exotic than the contents of the average spice rack, you will learn how to pep up pumpkin soup with curry paste and ginger; reinvent scrambled eggs with chilli and chorizo; and turn up the heat with a robust vindaloo curry.

Learn how to match spices with ingredients, and unlock the secrets of successful spice mixes, such as garam masala, dukkah and Chinese five-spice.  Discover the properties of different spices: the sweetness of cinnamon, the pungency of star aniseed, and the fieriness of chilli.  And see how different cooking methods, from a slow simmer to a quick pan-fry, draw out these wonderful tastes and aromas.

Follow the 'grog' notes to achieve what many of us find so difficult - the successful matching of spicy food with wine and beer.

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