• Keep Calm and Veg(etarian) - Barbara Dixon

Keep Calm and Veg(etarian) - Barbara Dixon

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2014

Meatless?  Yes.  Flavorless?  Hardly!  You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this new collection of delicious meatless recipes. 

These recipes are anything but boring, and even the most discerning carnivore around goes crazy for the robust flavor bursting forth from recipes like breakfast bruschetta, green lentil and coconut soup, goat’s cheese parcels, spicy bean and tomato fajitas, roasted ratatouille, baked potatoes with mustard seeds, zucchini and parmesan frittata, curried tofu burgers, asparagus risotto, pesto gnocchi, griddled garlic bread, and even a few things for the sweet tooth.

Beautiful photography and artwork accompany the detailed recipes to help you create the most delicious vegetarian cuisine to rival the finest chefs.  Perfect for foodies, vegetarians, or anyone trying to reduce meat consumption without reducing satisfaction.  
Keep Calm and Veg(etarian) is a perfect home companion for any foodie.
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