• Keeping it Simple:  Easy Weeknight One Pot Meals - Yasmin Fahr

Keeping it Simple: Easy Weeknight One Pot Meals - Yasmin Fahr

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2020

After a long day at work, heading home to cook fussy, complicated meal is the last thing anyone wants to do.  Keeping It Simple is the ultimate collection to have on hand for these moments.  Featuring over 60 quick and easy, drool-worthy one-pot dinners you can whip up in the time in takes to have a glass of wine.

Inspired by her column for Serious Eats, One-Pot Wonders, Yasmin arms readers with sneaky gems and low-key showstoppers that work every time, and promises that they will learn at least one new skill each time.  The ultimate goal is to get dinner on the table quickly, but also to create something truly delicious as a weeknight reward.  Why order a takeaway when you can throw together Miso-Ghee Chicken Thighs with Roasted Radishes or Rigatoni with Crispy Prosciutto, Broccolini, Parm and Chilli Flakes in 20 minutes?  And when you can cook it all in one pot, clean-up is a breeze.

Featuring humorous and relatable anecdotes and musings on cooking and life, Keeping it Simple is the book you'll keep coming back to night after night for inspiration.
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