• Latte Arte - Peter Hernou

Latte Arte - Peter Hernou

Hardback.  Very good condition.  2012.   Multilingual edition

Coffee bars are popular places these days.  Cosy, hip, crowded and loving the bean.  With more and more well-educated baristas, a cup of coffee became much more than just that necessary drink to start the day.  It became art. 

And who would be better placed to tell us more about this art form than Peter Hernou, world champion Latte Art and trainer of several other champions?  He is also the driving force behind Art in a cup, with which he coaches professionals in all aspects of the versatile product that coffee is.  To top that, he is a member of different international juries.

In this book, Peter tells about his love for the ingredients and the many possibilities they have to offer.  He is an expert worker, a connoisseur who can perfectly manage coffee and milk.  Latte Arte is a beautiful photographic book about an extraordinary product.  It takes a look at the creative side of coffee, at art in a cup, visually surprising with gorgeous patterns but also delicious in taste.  All of this originates from the most splendid machines, the best milk and Coffee of great origin.  And of course, from the expertise of one of the world's most renowned baristas.

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