• Mark Olive's Outback Cafe: A Taste of Australia

Mark Olive's Outback Cafe: A Taste of Australia

Paperback.  Very good condition.  2011

Outback Cafe takes readers on an unprecedented tour through the outback and winds up in a five-star kitchen. It brings together two cultures presented perfectly and delectably on a plate of sumptuous cuisine.

In Outback Cafe, Mark Olive journeys across Australia, visiting breathtaking landscapes and remote Aboriginal communities where local people show him bush foods in the wild and pass on ancient knowledge about their use.  Mark introduces readers to dozens of outback wonders and uses his skills as a chef (acquired over more than 20 years), blending bush flavours with international cuisines to create his own mouth-watering recipes.

Contents include:

  • Introducing Mark Olive
  • Communities
  • Cooking with indigenous herbs, spices & bush fruits - including desert limes, saltbush, muntries, quandong, wattleseed, lemon myrtle leaf
  • Mark cooks at Aboriginal communities
  • Mark's selected menus - BBQ, Brunch, Long lunch, Drinks
  • $16.00